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Get used to it

When things end the way you never wanted them to, they take form of heart aches, chest aches, emptiness - making you feel incomplete in ways you never thought of. You will have everything around you but still will feel how that one piece of jigsaw puzzle is still missing. You will realize how you simply do nothing for hours but think about how good things were and how they went downhill. It will hurt every time you will see that person right in front you and how you will feel your muscles twitching wanting to go and hug them but here you’re seeing them and are not able to hold them. You will be able to hear them talk and hear people talk about them but you will not be able to hear them talking to you. How you will get chills hearing their name because it’s enough to bring you back to reality from all the distractions you kept yourself occupied with. There will be days when you will look at things with a positive perspective but then there will be days when you will want to run back to them, tell them , scream at the highest pitch about how much you still love them. How you still listen to songs they recommend and how you remember how they talk or would react to things. It never gets easy. Does it? You just have to get used to it. You have to learn to live with it to a point that it stops bothering you.

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