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Garba - The Pride of Gujarat

Did you know, after three days Navratri(longest and largest dance festival in the world) is going to start, the most popular festival of India (especially of Gujarat). India is always known for its diversity by bringing people together with various festivals and Navratri is one of them. During Navratri, 'garba' a folk dance form of Gujarat is performed in every nook and corner of Gujarat. The initial name was 'Garbhadeep', which means womb lamp. This lasya nritya is used in invoking the mother goddess since ancient times. It is presented on a circular pattern in the center of which photo/idol of goddess Amba (Durga) with lighting lamp is placed. The Garba songs are invocatory pieces and, narrate the greatness of feminine power. Noticeable movements of the hands, legs, and waist are the specialty of this dance form among which two claps, three claps, and raas are most famous. Raas is played between a pair of people with two decorated colorful sticks known as 'Dandiya'. Women dress in vibrant colorful Chanya (long pleated skirt) and choli (top with embroidery/mirror work on it) and men wear kediya dhoti or pyajama kurta. Garba itself brings energy and happiness to people, it is performed with so much enthusiasm that viewers also feel the vibe of joy. I am eagerly waiting for this year's Navratri, are you? Tell me in the comment section below about your Garba experiences.

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