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Finding the Keyboard

The most complex system or mechanics in this whole world is the human body. You can transform it, adjust it yet can't completely replace it because if you do, it will give you n number of complications. Sometimes when you think you have nothing in your life. Maybe you lost something, you failed somewhere, just remember it doesn’t matter what you have or what you don’t, what matters is that you have the most complex system in the world. That's the biggest asset you have. When I say it is complex, it also means that to control this complex system you must spend some time knowing and learning the process of handling it in a good way. You are finding happiness in the outside world when your inner world can produce it for you. Your fear, your anger, these are the products of your mind which you have not taken charge of. Your mind is capable of producing joy, agony, ecstasy, or anything. It is delivering things that you don't need, right? It is basically because you don't have the foggiest idea of how to deal with it. You should simply invest some energy with yourself consistently only for a couple of minutes every day and your life will get changed. You simply have to invest some time in yourself and discover where is the keyboard of this mind-boggling system. When you observe it, you will adore being with yourself and you will not require somebody to make you cheerful or miserable.

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