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Benefits of 'Mantra' Chanting

"The Perfect spiritual practice for this age is to chant holy name with full conviction and to make others also chant the holy name of the lord."

Chanting Mantras is Important spiritual practice done since ages!

It is basically the proper usage of sounds in order to unlock some internal powers within you and to connect the supreme

There are countless benefits of Chanting Mantras, like:-

-Speech Improvisation Therapy

-Unlocking Subconscious mind

-Drastic Change in life is achieved with proper usage of Mantra over period of time

-Connection with the supreme

-Decreases stress and anxiety and Increase attention makes one feel relaxed

There are many Mantras for specific things and specific purposes associated with each one of them. Each mantra holds an individual meaning alongside the purpose.

Mantras must be chanted with correct pronunciation and in it's correct way. It can be more harmful than beneficial, if Mantras are chanted wrongly.

The difference between Mantra, Yantra and Tantra is

Mantra is designated in 'the form of Sound formula'.

In Tantra, there is 'symbolism in the form of texts and rituals'

Yantra is a 'geometrical design in form of diagrams, figures, objects'

Though everything is connected to each other!

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Dhwani Prajapati
Dhwani Prajapati
18 mars 2023



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