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Finding Flaws?

One great Indian personality who goes by the name Sadhguru once explained about one human predicament; it's very easy to see what's wrong with everyone else, but it takes a lot of observation to see what's wrong with ourselves. Whenever we see anyone, our first instincts always seem to search for flaws in them. That's one normal human behavior, but what's not normal is lampooning them for it. Making them feel bad for something maybe they are already insecure about. People who enjoy ridiculing others for their flaws are the ones most insecure about themselves. They choose to do this to make themselves feel great about themselves. We're able to see every little imperfection around the room but not our own. Our flaw of degrading fellow human beings. We don't understand how much pain we create in someone's life. We criticize and insist on changing them when it's us who needs changing, in our mentality. We need to accept that we are all different, what's good for us might not be in the best interest of others and vice versa. So let us have yet another One Simple Change, and change our own psychological behavior rather than trying to change anyone else. No one's perfect so, don't tolerate anyone and respect everyone!

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