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Express The Positive

If you share and care for others, the world will be a happier place, and others will follow in your footsteps. It is essential to express your emotions because it allows you to let go of the emotions you have stored up inside. It may result in a clearer mind and the ability to talk through one's situation. Individuals can sort out their thoughts by sharing their emotions. The importance of sharing your feelings is that it can help others better understand you. If one shares, surely one cares. But that isn't always the case, depending on what you're sharing, for example, Food, shelter, clothing, time, and money are all good examples of sharing. But let's say you share high-sugar candy with a diabetic person, and then that's not caring. The same can be said for sharing hard drugs with an addict, or a young person. Another type of negative sharing has no negative consequences for the recipient. However, it may have a negative impact on the giver's subconscious, karma, and how they want to be perceived by society. In conclusion, Sharing is one of the most profitable practices and satisfying things. You can do it in your life, it doesn’t need to be big, it just has to be positive.

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