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Exceptional Ecuador

When I first came to know Ecuador, I was fascinated. Its geographic features are so vast! It is home to 47 volcanos! On the other end, it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Its capital city is Quito which is said to be at a high altitude where it is hard to breathe! Among its vast Geography, it is the 7th largest producer of Cocoa. But what is Ecuadorian culture all about? In 1822, the area gained independence from Spain. At first, it was a part of the larger group of countries called Gran Columbia, but in 1830 Ecuador became a separate independent country. There are about 20 languages spoken here. The official language is Spanish. Almost everyone in Ecuador has a mixed-race background, which has resulted in cultural diversity as well as unique customs and traditions throughout the whole country. Ecuador may be small but is a cultural hub. When traveling through Ecuador, especially in Quito and Cuenca, the architecture alone is enough to make you marvel. The most prominent style is the well-preserved colonial architecture. Quito's historic center was named UNESCO's first World Heritage Site. Isn't it fascinating?! Let us know what you think about Ecuador in the comments!

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25 oct 2021

Sounds like a really fascinating place.

Me gusta

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