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Every seashell has a story

Seashells oh sea shell where have you been?? It's been ages that I have seen you. My youth was spent digging you out of sand competing against my chums to see who had to gather you the most. The joy I took in announcing my little achievement was much more than my momentary happiness of achieving something substantial. Shell's token of my memoir never fails to remind me of a part that was lost somewhere in this bustling world. The Jolly laughter turned to a fake smile, a warm hug, and gibberish talks turning to mere messages on chat that make my heart quake and body cold. Shells I don't own you now, you are where you belonged but you always remind me that even small achievement calls for celebration. Praise yourself, you had done well. Don't look around for people they will either appreciate you or put you down. Even when you fail just remember " to walk you need to crawl first".At times you might feel completely hopeless but keep faith in fate because I believe someone would reach out to you just like you did even though it might take some time.

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