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Every Moment is an Experience

Nelson Mandela quoted, "Love comes more naturally to the human heart than hate." I can't agree anymore on this. Like, look at us divided by differences yet united by heart. Covid-19 affected the world badly, making everything stagnant and we all come together to take precautions and to help each other nevertheless of the differences. That's the thing about love, you always have the option to slip away but you rather choose to go through every ups and downs just to be with that person. The moments you spent together, the memories you cherish, the warmth you feel with them, the tears you shed- this all for that person. Sometimes I tell myself, " If in the first place I had no relation (friend, lover, or any other) with them then probably I wouldn't have to face this all." I will be so pissed of after an argument thinking that I don't wanna talk to them again. But in the end, all I think about is hugging them and being my true self. Ending things and not seeing that person will end all the problems between you both but is it worth it. You won't have those problems but YOU WON'T HAVE THAT PERSON EITHER. Let's take a moment to look back at the very first day we met that person and how we have come through all the way. To the person for whom we could go that one extra mile.

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12 oct 2021

Wow!! I don't have enough words to express how beautiful and meaningful this blog is!! Superb work, Dhwani! After reading this blog, I could relate one of the recent incidents of my life with it. Loved it!

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