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"Every 60 seconds, one animal suffers abuse." says a report.

Even with all the modernization, many people still have a blind eye towards animal cruelty. Most people want a cute little pet for their kids but no one of them wants to save an animal suffering on side of the road. About 71% of domestic abusers also abuse their pets, because it's easier to use speechless animals as their punching bags. Animals are not our property to exploit, they are not a toy to play with, they are fellow living organism who deserves EQUALITY from humans. We humans are not leaders of them. And no animals harm anyone without a reason, not even a person commits any crime without a reason behind it. Animals never harm you unless you seem a threat to them. So let's have yet another one simple change and be as polite and nice as we are to fellow humans cos all the abuse leaves animals just with FEAR, PAIN, and SEPARATION.

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