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Dream Land

Room with green fake plant saplings, stary lights with some beautiful light blue wall paint. Our idea of a great room for kids these days. A great idea indeed because they never got to experience those real all-green ginormous trees in a field full of short grasses making it look like a land of tranquility. The sparkly night with shooting stars and exceptionally glowing moon, and the water flowing elegantly hitting rocks on its way. We all want our children to experience this now, but we, we were blessed with all this, we had it all before we decided to take advantage of it and ruined it completely. We had it all, the greenery, clear water, and pollution-free stary nights. If we want our future generations to experience the beauty of the earth, we gotta take some big steps. We have to stop the running water tap when not necessary, we have to stop cutting trees for a progressive future, we have to stop all this pollution if we want a beautiful and safe place to live in the future. We know how to do it, we just have to get up there and take steps. We have got to change ourselves before nature forces us to change and adjust.

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