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Don't Confine Yourself

Let's talk about how every time something goes wrong. Think about you trying to come out of your shell to improvise but no one considers it, you're meeting someone you wanted to meet for so long but because of some reasons you don't get to spend time with them, your friend wanted to surprise you by coming to an event to which they said no but turns out the surprise was on them because you didn't go as they were not gonna go. Ya, this all just happened to me in the last three days and I am so pissed off thinking, "WHY IS IT THAT NOTHING FEELS ON TRACK?" Of course like every other clueless person, I too thought to ghost everyone. Pretending to be all well, I kept things to myself which made me even more upset. Strange right, the internal conflicts cause more damage to us than any external factor. That's why it is said HUMANS' BIGGEST ENEMY IS THEIR OWN BRAIN. I wondered what was hurting me more - the efforts that weren't considered, my urge to spend more time with my best friend, or me not being able to get the surprise my friends planned. Turns out it was all of it and none of it at the same time. I shared every other thought with my close friends which helped a lot. Write, speak, share, scream do whatever you feel but just don't confine yourself to the cages of your thoughts. It will take time but don't give the thought to take over you.

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