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Do what makes you Happy

My friends have a good way of cheering me up whenever I am upset. They simply tell me to forget about everything and be happy. I always ask them how can I be happy when I am feeling upset. It's like telling the poor to be not poor because they can be rich. Which is to say they can be just like I can be happy. It's always about choice. Lemme ask you what makes you happy?? It could be as simple as eating something you like, dancing like you don't care, singing your heart out, boxing, painting, cooking, etc. It could be anything even watching roast shows or sleeping. Having the will to do this is what one needs. You be feeling hopeless and sad and if someone comes up to you and says you to do this stuff you will probably be mad and be thinking this person has lost it. But you know what it does help. Doing something you love or being with someone you like gives you happiness. I am not saying that being with someone you love or doing something will probably make you happy, no one can guarantee it because no one can make you happy except you. Someone can make an effort to make you smile but, it's upon you whether you want to smile or not. Choices are difficult to make but once you do there is no looking back. I hope you are smiling wide because I am. Happiness is like magic if you believe in it you will see the wonders.

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