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Diversity along with Harmony

India is a vast country from Leh-Ladakh in the north to Kanyakumari in the south, from Guhar Moti in the west to Chaukan Pass in the east. That is regional diversity. Do you know about a Gujarati dish called 'Undhyu'? Since I am a Gujarati, I couldn't think of any other dish to describe India's diversity. This dish has all vegetables from peas to brinjal. That's exactly how India is. It has many religions, castes, cultures, languages, and whatnot. It's like nationalism has tied all of us together like a rope. Remember when the urge for freedom was so strong that Hindus, Muslims, Sindhis, Sikhs, etc all of us got together to fight the injustices done to us for decades. Oblivious to riots and prejudice, we still have festivals that unite us. We have a constitution that offers basic rights to the people nevertheless of the religion they follow. When we look back at the time when Covid-19 took over us, we supported each other whether it's by following the lockdown rules or by helping them to arrange beds or oxygen cylinders. When the Britishers left us they stated that such a diverse country like India could never withstand democracy and it will scatter soon. But look where are we now after like seven decades of Independence. Let's take a moment to appreciate all that we have midst all the differences.

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