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Depending is not okay

Strange how we can disappoint ourselves more than someone else can ever do. It's how things have always been. Haven't they? When we were young we were given toys or chocolates when we wept about something. Was it then when we started depending more on things and people for our happiness? Satisfaction and happiness are personal joys. Not everyone can see it but you can feel it within your very own self. We learn it the hard way how it's us who's accountable for our happiness. It's like a bird asking another one to build its nest. To be honest I am still learning to be by myself. Not saying we don't need anyone, of course, we do. We are social animals for a reason. Think about a plant in a garden. It's planted with others but it cannot depend on the other plant for its flowers and fruits. Have you ever had that one friend whom you depended on so much that when they left you had to go through a rough patch? It's awful seeing yourself struggle with keeping up with your life. Drowning in the ocean of sorrows, being a withering flower or a rotten fruit. You see we can not have control over things or situations that we can alter according to our wants or expectations. People might disappoint you, situations might fail your plan, and even you might do something that will hurt you more than anyone else. But you know what it's okay. That's what life is about. Isn't it? Don't force your expectations, they might burden people around you.

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Shreetu Nandi
Shreetu Nandi
Apr 30, 2022

A must-read blog for every person. Great examples for conveying an important life lesson!


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