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Comparison : a Curse or a Boon ?

To compare is to be a human. We have known this phenomenon since time immemorial and it is, in fact, said to boost the self-confidence of many but how much is too much when it comes to comparison? In daily life, we either compare ourselves to our peers in terms of lifestyle and other resources or get compared to others by our parents, relatives, neighbors, etc. We ourselves compare to any human being that we see, the way we dress and they dress, their body shape and ours, the brands they wear and we do. It reaches a point when in spite of knowing that you made it, you feel you are not enough, it gets in your head and messes up your harmony. So how to stop it? Well, we can't expect everyone around us to change but we can start with ourselves, and be truthful to ourselves. Instead of looking out for things that we don't have, we can be grateful for the experiences and memories we have had and the opportunity to live them through. If you are a student, you might be compared to your sibling who scored better than you, for some, it might be a driving force to do better in their test but for some, it may drain their confidence as they are not acknowledged for their efforts. Most importantly, it's up to you, how you take it upon yourself. But before that, you should applaud your small efforts, celebrate the little wins, be grateful for your developments and learn from your mistakes. You are enough, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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