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Clouds Ace and Pace of Time

We used to play this game back then in which we used to trace out different objects and animals from the outer liner of clouds. We let our imagination rule our sensibility. It was so much fun though, to have bickered with each other over silly things such as whose point of view was right, reasonable, and proving something illogical with logical. The fond memory of the past makes me wanna return to the time when imagination has no limitation. Now looking at those floating clouds leaves a dull heartache contrasting the small smile playing on lips. The boundless sky looks a little bit alone without those clouds floating. Clouds assemble the people as passers-by, some might stay for long and some for while but, in end they have to move away. Cloud has vivid colors similarly people have their shade, some brighten your sky where someone dampens it. There is always something good about it though, you are always left with something you can hold upon to. It's a wind that chases away the clouds and kept it moving, wanting it to fill someone else empty place. This tale of clouds and the sky is just a twist and turn of wind and time.

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