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Choose wisely

"Probably between who I was yesterday and who I will be tomorrow, I don't know who I am in this very moment", I thought to myself after starring at the pictures I clicked a year ago. Ya I changed for good, it was necessary and it has led me to a better place. I guess I changed when I chose to ignore drama over arguing, I changed when I chose to focus on people to whom I actually matter over holding on to temporary people who were just like passing clouds, I changed when I chose my mental peace over every other thing and people who were toxic knowingly or unknowingly. You see that's the thing. We get to choose what we face. It's all about choice. So whatever you do in your life - good or bad. It is just because you chose to do that. So choose wisely. One must know their worth in this world. Talking to one's self is one of the best ways to know what you want, who you are, and what you deserve. So start spending some time with yourself and choose this one simple change to start talking to yourself.

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