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Change-A Sweet Poison?

"The only steady thing in life is change." Probably this is the most ironic statement I ever came across.

It's not only the change in the situation but also the changes in every single thing or person you wanted forever. Not all changes are bad, they make and break us. They might be tough to accept but at the end of the day, they are necessary. How many times we saw our friends turning into strangers but today when we look back at those times, we don't lament we are happy about these changes. Whereas moving out for making a career, leaving your family back might be as hard as cutting rock with a sword. Even you change with time. What lives forever is experience and lessons you learn. Things won't always be in our favor and in all those times we might feel useless and unreal but still, you have to own up to the change. You might find your world falling apart but take your time to process it. Nothing lasts forever. It will pass, it might be a bad day but not a bad life.

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