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Bossaball Or Baseball?

When I first heard of bossaball I thought ehhe, did someone spell baseball in a wrong way or what? It was later that I got to know that bossaball is a sport. You didn't read it wrong my dear friends, bossaball is indeed a sport. It is originated in Spain and was conceptualized by Belgian Filip Eyckmans in 2005. A sport that is a combination of varied elements of volleyball, football, and gymnastics with melodious music. Bossaball is a ball game where two teams with 4 members go against each other. It is played on an inflatable court featuring a trampoline on each side of the net. The word Bossa is sometimes translated to 'style', 'flair ' or 'attitude' in Brazillian Portuguese and is associated with Bossa Nova, a Samba influenced type of Brazillian music. The game is similar to the rules of volleyball in many ways because the main objective of the game is to hit a ball over a net to score more points than your opponent. Yet what makes it unique is the vibrant energy it brings along with soccer-like kicks, the excitement, and the agility of gymnastics. Back in 2019, a Bossaball exhibition was held in Mumbai in order to spread awareness among peers about this enthralling sport. It takes lots of courage and determination to do something that is new and it requires even more enthusiasm to keep the spirit high.

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