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Body types

I recently came across an incident in which a girl is been told that her boobs were too big so she should not be wearing tight clothes in public. These were the exact words of that creep. This incident was so disheartening that it made me question myself about every time I judged or made someone feel bad about their own body. Why do we have such an urge to make people feel absolute shit about their bodies? Because we are contoured with this mental image of a perfect body, and when someone doesn't fit the description, we make them feel the need to have an ideal body. But is there any ideal body type? Bodyweight fluctuates about 2-3kg (4-6 pounds) in a DAY. That's right! Just in a day, your body can go through a million changes, and that's absolutely normal. There is no ideal body type! The best body type is the body in which you feel comfortable and healthy and not what society expects from you. So the social change we should have for today, tomorrow and, every day should be accepting every body type because rather than what we have been taught, no one body type's perfect, each and everyone is. Our bodies constantly change and evolve and, so should our mentality. Human bodies are magical we should be grateful and make every body type feel accepted.

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