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Binging? Fun? Health? One Answer!

Wimbledon, widely regarded as the most prestigious tournament, is currently in the quarter-final stage. Covid has affected everything, for the tennis world its most prestigious tournament was canceled for the very first time in 65 years, earlier due to world war–2 in 1945. Apparently, this virus is equivalently disastrous to world wars but as they say, this too shall pass, coronavirus will surely pass but for now, Wimbledon is ON! Who is your favorite? Our lovely joker, World no. 1 Djokovic? Legendary Roger Federer? Any other? Let’s discuss this in the comment section. Mine was Tsitsipas. How fun tennis is! You move from here to there, hitting the ball neither too strongly nor too delicately, every stroke you play with extraordinary grace and elegance, either serving an ace to win a point directly or giving a drop shot to make the opponent come closer to the net and hitting a winner or winning a point after a huge rally, oh my god! Let me tell you, the aesthetic pleasure you will get will be better than getting high on drugs. Tennis improves your immune system and mental health, so I highly recommend you to learn it once in your lifetime.

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