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Better to keep it in your Pocket than in your Mind

Since we have accepted the fact that we live in a materialistic world let's talk about how the possession of money is all we desire. "Don't let money drive your mind crazy". We are accustomed to hearing that money can buy you everything and to an extent, it's not even false. Money should be used to buy goods and services not to assess a person. It's a whole dumb conception. 'Money in the pocket and sex in the pant is okay, it will only make trouble if you have those on your mind.' The excess of anything is harmful. Whether it's possession of materialistic things or being overly emotional. No doubt money is useful and at some point important too. We are humans and that's why we have some materialistic needs, the problem comes when we ask for more and more. Our needs are never satisfied and sometimes for fulfilling these needs we try to think a lot about everything. The first one which comes to our mind when we hear about fulfilling our needs is money. Money is useful and hard to earn. But money should be in your pocket only, it creates destruction when it's in your mind. Money can buy anything but not everything.

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