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Be the Change

Change is what amplifies us to be a much better person. We all somewhere need to know how to go against something and speak up where we feel there is something wrong happening around us. Many a time we just don’t feel like doing it. Even sometimes there are guilty pleasures that stop us from taking a step forward and knowing how it when we go against something. But we don’t, in the fear of losing or being rejected. This will take you nowhere. Have that courage when you have a second thought In something or the other. It isn’t that we always have to feel good which we are taught to. We are always taught to be patient. We are taught to be strong and on the safe side. We are always taught to be strong and not too emotional. We are never allowed to feel lonely. We are never allowed to look back where we came from and be proud of where we are We are never allowed to choose to take our own decisions. One simple change is to be the change. To go against things where you like not liking it. To look forward to it and to speak up. Don’t lose hope and faith in yourself.

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