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Be kind, don't judge

When someone says humans are social animals, I always think to myself 'Are they?' Think about all those times when you judged a person based on his overt behavior. It's just like how you cannot judge a book by its cover or judging the depth of the water body by just looking at it. Naah, Not fair. Not just organs but also imprints of years of experiences and feelings makes a body more of a human. (social animal mocking way) We create prejudice for people whom we may or may not know. Talking about creating prejudice for people whom we know but honestly don't, there's a huge difference between knowing someone as far as their existence is concerned and knowing that person inside out. We all face some or another issue in our lives, they help us evolve with every passing day. Behaving in a particular way because of something that's troubling us is normal. Understand the other person rather than making assumptions. Let's be soft on others and softer on ourselves. Great minds discuss ideas. Small minds discuss people.

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Jun 03, 2021

Beautiful! This blog so nicely explains how we can live peacefully by being kind and non judgemental!


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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