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Battle Behind the King Hunt

Besides being an Interior Designer, like every other woman, I play multiple roles in my life but the role of being the mother of a sportsperson is the most challenging one. My daughter is an international chess player and besides that, she actively participates in many other activities. A great challenge for me is to run with her to complete her circle. When you yourself are not a sportsperson but your child is, it is a tough task. I learned the pros and cons of the game, hunted the best coaches and also accompanied her to all the tournaments. As we know, there are two sides - winning and losing. I feel that it is my duty as a parent to help her accept and overcome her losses because only pressuring her for a win like most parents do, is not always the right way to go. I remember when my daughter was playing the Commonwealth Games, she lost three games consequently and after her third loss, she broke down and even skipped her lunch which is quite impossible as she’s a big foodie. I comforted her, we had a great pep talk and watched movies which made her feel positive and relaxed and sure did lift up her mood. She was back the next day with a win! This incident along with various others draws us to a conclusion that players only need support, motivation and a stress-free environment. Therefore, taking care of their mental health is the most important task.

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