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Bad Parents?

According to quora, a parent is someone who loves their child unconditionally. Someone responsible for the care, the safety, and the shelter of a child. Who provides physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment. A parent is someone who always puts the needs and welfare of their child before their own. Someone might say the most selfless figures are known to be parents. For every organism, parents play a very pivotal role in their children's life. We all agree to this. This is something rooted in our subconscious since day 1. But that perfect picture of a parent many a time leads to unpleasant blame games. We don't expect our parents to make mistakes, but they are human too; they are inherent to make mistakes. So when our parents make mistakes, we blame and curse them for not being good parents despite trying to understand their side. They try to be understanding of our mistakes with every muscle, but we? We just go on and call out them for being flawed and whatnot. No parent is perfect, but they give their everything to make us feel precious and always loved. The definition we are rooted with is correct, but that doesn't mean parents will never make mistakes. So a very easy and painless One Simple Change this week; treat our parents like a human and rather than making them feel bad about their mistakes, tell them it's okay! Assure them that mistakes don't make them bad parents.

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