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Auroville - The City of Dawn

Celebrating the month of Diversity, let's talk about a very unique place that has embraced cultural, national, religious, economic, and many more diversities. This city is called Auroville, based in India. It was founded back in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa, who wanted to make a society where people of different religious backgrounds, castes, nationalities, cultures, and statuses could live together in peace and harmony. It gave birth to a "human experiment" - Auroville. This place has residents from more than 50 countries. People here meditate instead of following a religion in a special dome-shaped building called Matrimandir, famous for its peace and silence. It is run-on Solar energy along with public kitchens, Auroville is very efficient on its way to emission-free energy. Auroville is totally currency free! All the residents have account numbers and the payments are handled by deducting and adding required amounts for transactions from these account numbers. All the residents make a living by doing what they love! Making artifacts, providing service, cooking - every person lives their dreams here while making an earning from it. However, the welfare of society, through work, or money, and Contribution to the welfare of the community is the essence. The citizens live in peace and harmony, celebrate every moment of their life with public gatherings, and welcome tourists with warm smiles. A community that none other can beat in peace, harmony, and diversity. Would you like to live in Auroville?

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1 Comment

Apr 28, 2022

Thanks for this beautiful blog of the beautiful city! I would definitely love to visit Auroville!!😍


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