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Assumptions Solidify into Facts

You know what, our assumptions about reality hurts us far more than reality can. For the past two years, I have been thinking that it was because of one new person my friendship with my best friend was ruined. But it was just two days back when I realized it was never ruined. We just stopped talking or sharing on regular basis the way we did before. Yup, I know daily conversation doesn't help in keeping the bond but being emotionally available. I don't blame any of us. The way things appeared, the way I perceived it made my assumptions look more like a reality. The thing is we stop communicating after we think that things ain't right. I made that mistake for sure. I could have talked right to his face that what's going on and all but rather I preferred avoidance. What we assume solidifies into fact. The thing is that we don’t always know what we assume. We’ve subconsciously assumed stuff for so long, that it isn’t all that apparent to us. Think about a player assuming that he would lose seeing their opponent. That's why it is said," The one who thinks that they are going to lose, losing before entering the ground." Let's rather use this law of assumptions for a positive impact. Let's assume that we can do every other thing that we thought was not our cup of tea. Look at the body we have, the brain we have, they are meant to do N number of tasks.

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