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Ask Questions!

“What questions do you have?” After hearing this, how many of us do ask any questions, actually? In school, we were always encouraged by our teachers to ask questions. Asking questions is one of the most prominent habits and tools of innovative thinkers. Generally, we ask questions to get a deeper knowledge or to clear our doubts. Most of us have lost the habit of asking questions, which should be cultivated again. By saying this, I mean asking the right questions at right time. It is important to accept different beliefs of the people and what they say, it helps us to widen our horizons. But questions lead to the rectification of flaws in the theories and mindsets of all individuals. Education and learning are evolution and questions play a vital role in this. Parents should always encourage their kids to ask questions. At workplaces, an environment should be created where the employees feel free to ask questions without hesitation. At schools, the teachers should always be eager to answer the questions. Feeling nervous and anxious about being judged or simply dumb are very normal emotions that arise in our minds. But, the pursuit of knowledge starts, when we acknowledge that “We don’t know”. So please do ask questions and stay motivated towards learning and towards the acquirement and augmentation of our cognizance.

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