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Armenia - Roots and culture

Armenia is a country with an extremely cold and extremely hot climate, but that does not make it any less beautiful. What's more beautiful is its culture. Armenia has had its fair share of struggles in protecting its culture in history. It had been under the Ottoman Empire and the Persian empire periodically. Later, a part of it was under the Russian empire while the other was under the Ottoman empire. Sadly, The Armenians in the Ottoman empire were exterminated in the Armenian Genocide. Eastern Armenia which was under the Russian empire gained freedom during the Russian revolution and is now the Armenia we know. Armenia has adopted and incorporated a bit from all the cultures it was under. It is a secular country. Most of the Armenians follow Christianity while there are hints of other religions as well. Since it was amongst the first countries to adopt Christianity, one can find some of the world's oldest Churches and Monasteries in their natural setting here. Armenian Architecture includes huge buildings and castles with big windows and glasses. It looks straight from a fairy tale! Armenian cuisine is as old as its history. It has mouth-watering flavors, colors, and aromas. Armenian culture reflects its history and roots which attracts me to it. How do you feel about Armenia...? Please let us know in the comments!

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