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Appearance- way of self-expression

She was sitting in a subway when her friend hinted at her with those scary judgmental yet caring eyes, made that face, the face that every girl knows. It was her bra strap that was showing through the hem of the black tank top. Soon, they got off the train and her friend started shouting at her about how the bra strap was showing and how the world is so unsafe. Is it that people do not know about the innerwear or is it the stigma? The girl replied, " I'm sorry that people know I wear a bra" Some days later in school too, she was told to bring the length of her skirt down from her waist because it was "distracting". It's not only for girls but boys who go through the same. They get questioned on their masculinity if they wear pink or a pearl chain on their neck. When Harry style wears a skirt it's a trend but still, people question them. Fashion and outer body appearances are more like a way of self-expression rather than a generalized idea of what is appropriate and accepting and what is vulgar or distracting. What to do to make people know that it's not the clothes, It's never the clothes, it's the demonic aggression that we carry in our brain, the hatred, the thoughts, the visions that have the negative after-effects that can't be undone. The trauma, the fear and the darkness that follows as a repercussion of that heinous crime. This needs to stop.

This needs to change, our mentality needs to change

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