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An extra card- Joker

Have you ever played cards? If not, then you would have at least seen a pack of cards where you have 52 cards of different colors and two extra cards that we usually keep aside, i.e., joker. If we keep those two cards aside, why are they even providing them in a packet? Well, if you see, the joker is marked with all four signs, i.e., spade, heart, diamond, and clove, so it is not explicitly assigned to any one of them. And if one card is lost from those 52 cards, it gets replaced with the joker. So, can we assume that a joker is like a person who fills the void in our life of 52 cards when one card is missing? In everyone’s life, there will be a phase where someone would have helped them, and supported them in their worst situation, but then they are gone, just like a joker gets replaced when you find that missing card. But these are just cards. What about in real life? Do these types of people get upset about being replaced and feeling used? Maybe, like, it’s not easy to just be there for someone without expecting anything in return, but I feel like they find their peace in helping others without expecting to be there in return.

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1 Comment

Aug 30, 2022

Beautifully written!


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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