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Adrenaline Rush!

How exciting were the last two weeks! The Olympics concluded on 8th August 2021 branded as Tokyo 2020, felt like an emotional rollercoaster all the way through. Not even the pandemic terror could stop people from going to the rings to have a look at the players in their full form. There are a few points that made this Olympic a memorable event including the fact that in the history of the last 121 years of Olympics games, India achieved its best medal tally this time. When we look at sports at such a huge level, we realize that it is not always about winning. It is about hard work, sweat, losses, frustration, attitude, pressure, nervousness- every possible emotion. The Indian Hockey Teams crossed new milestones this year, especially with the men's team winning bronze. Players from all over the world come and play to win but when they don’t, all we can do to support them is keep cheering for them. Participating at the Olympics is a tremendous achievement in itself so keep providing love, warmth, and encouragement to all our players. They are one of the main sources of inspiration for all of us and hence, even if they can’t bring a medal home, they’ll always be our heroes. Kudos to all the players!

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Aug 12, 2021

Well said!


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