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A Glow up for you

There was this trend that went viral on Instagram a while ago. The #GlowUpChallenge, while it was incredible to watch people's glow-up by pictures from an awkward high-schooler phase to their ecstatic confident phase; it misinterpreted the real meaning of glow-up. A Glow Up is a mental, physical, and emotional transformation for the better, but this trend made people think the ultimate glow-up is physical. Transformation in just your physique is not a glow-up. Glow-up is knowing your worth. While these transformation videos give motivation to many, they also make many people anxious about their bodies. Like this many trends have gone viral, representing the toxic trait of social media, "bad influence". Social media is designed to make you think that maybe I should be like this, maybe I should be somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else. It makes us believe that our happiness is in something or somewhere or with someone else, but if we keep thinking our happiness is somewhere else, we will never be able to enjoy the happiness we already have. Usage of social media can make people achieve social benefits and knowledge about varieties of things, thus giving the satisfaction of enhanced life. But it's not without its consequences so, bring some changes into your social media habit; analyze the trend before following it, blacklist the accounts or people who stir up the negative emotions, know when it's time to stop scrolling. Be mindful of your social media habits!

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