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A word which is more than a word, a place, a space to stay so yes it is a feeling . A feeling which can't be expressed just to feel it is what you and I and everybody needs. Not necessarily you are with them not necessarily you see them every day and of course not necessarily you meet them every day but yes just a thought of them makes you feel safe and secure and comforted . But not every day in your home is a happy day, I know it sounds crazy that if the only place on earth that can make us happy isn't always going to make us one so what is the point? Yes, there will be days that make you upset, that gives a feeling of leaving everything behind and running away but if you still choose to stay, you will surely find a way. So yes home do works if both of you wish to and have a solid urge to, even out of odds if you stay still, the home will work, and yes it will! Like your house, your home too needs to be kept safe, maintained, loved, and taken care of, even if it requires effort, it has to be put in . So if you have somebody that makes you feel like home keep them! And do maintain them! To me, a home is a person, and let me know what it is to you...

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