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You Only Live Once

We’re only given one life to live. You want to live life without regrets. You want to live life to the fullest. You only live once, so why do we waste this short period of time we have on earth seeking material possessions we don’t need to constantly delay our gratifications and dreams in lieu of something in the future that might never come. We all have a dream. I’m sure you have plenty of dreams. I’m sure there are so many places you want to travel to and see, complete your bucket list, living a long life is uncertain. We’re all given one life to live, no matter how rich or poor. Many of us live our entire lives trying to seek power, wealth, prestige, and security. However many of us die along the way in vain. Never be jealous of someone who is richer or more materially “successful” than you. The worst trade you can make in life is to trade time for money. The best trade you can make in life is to trade money for time. Always be thankful for whatever you have in your life. Be happy with whatever you have. Start your day with a THANK YOU and end your day with a THANK YOU. Don’t make your happiness and freedom hostage of some sort of uncertain future. Don’t be a slave follow your dreams! Live and Love your life to the fullest.

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