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You call it Galaxy I call it a Family

Galaxy is a simple word isn't it but believe me it does wonder. I have always fancied this word galaxy and much more than that I had this deep inclination for revealing its secrets. A desire to found the lost. This gravitationally bounded system consists of stars, dust, stellar remnants and dark matter. When I think of the galaxy it reminds me of my family. This big constellation system is held together by gravity likewise family is tethered by a string of trust, love and compensation. Things could get messier, a whole lot untangled mess and the relationship might be stranded. Although it could be resolved by pulling up a string or two. What intriguing about the galaxy is that even if it has a million stars and dark matter it never fails to divulge any new matter. So generous of them. Our family always forgives us for our sins and accepts us wholeheartedly. They might scold us for making mistakes but they never stop us from making them as they also teach us to learn from our own mistakes. One of the valuable lessons that the galaxy gives is to value things irrespective of their position and deeds. Have a generous heart, forgiving mind, tint of compassion and love surely makes a great deal of life and family.

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Aug 30, 2021

Very nicely you have connected the galaxy and the family! Loved it!!


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