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World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7 to recognize the widespread contributions of our medical school and the success of the WHO. The theme for World Health Day 2022 is "Our Planet, Our Health". This year's theme aims to draw global attention to the well-being of our planet and the human beings who live on it. The first World Health Assembly was convened by the WHO in 1948. The assembly called for the establishment of a World Health Day, and consequently, the first World Health Day was celebrated on April 7, 1950. The day it has been observed on that date every year thereafter. The main objective of the day is to raise awareness of a certain health issue to highlight an area of ​​priority concern of the World Health Organization. The WHO is responsible for providing leadership on health issues around the world and shapes research, policy, and trends related to global health. WHO's goal is to partner with governments around the world to ensure that all people have access to basic sanitation facilities. The purpose of celebrating this day is to discuss global health and make people aware of health. According to the WHO, health is fundamental to happiness and human well-being. Healthy people are also very important to a nation-state as they are an asset to their country. They tend to be more productive and contribute significantly to economic progress.

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