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Wonder starter

Hungry again? We have a wonderful starter coming your way! When someone thinks of Gujarati food, this dish comes to mind for sure! Yes, it's the Gujarati hit Dhokla! This is a very simple food item which is exactly why we're talking about it. Even though it's simple it surprises one's taste buds.

Even though it's made with simple ingredients, it's unique. This is because it is steamed. The process of steaming makes it different and unique. Which makes this dish extremely healthy for patients since it has a very low-calorie content. It is said that 100gm of Dhokla has lesser than 160 calories! Told ya, this Gujarati masterpiece is extremely fabulous for all health-conscious souls. Also, it's totally vegan, keeping the fact in mind that it does not compromise taste even after being healthy.

We have an important lesson here. It's possible to achieve desired results without sacrificing. One just needs to analyze and find a way out. Nowadays we have fast-paced lives and keep losing ourselves among everything. Here, we can take our time and use a process where we don't have to compromise anything... After all, that is the path to uniqueness and success.

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