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Wings to Fly

Nothing is impossible - we all have heard this, but I felt it to the core when I met this woman, a great woman indeed. After meeting her, I feel that all the motivational quotes that we read and forget, are very true. Such inspiring stories are what compel us to leave behind our excuses and go for what we want. I'm talking about Geeta Rao - the Iron Woman of Gujarat. She's a triathlete, ultra-cyclist, Limca book of record holder - just to name a few. She was infected by polio in her childhood and couldn't stand on her legs, but an incident changed her outlook towards life and she did everything in and out of her strength to become independent in every way. Today, after years of practice and determination, she doesn't only walk but participates in all these events in the open category! Cycling up to 100 km is just a fun activity for her. The Bicycle wheels have given wings to fly to greater heights. She has an aim of winning gold for the country at the Olympics. Learning to remember from her is - Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks. If she doesn't let her medical conditions stop her and challenges them every single day, I think we can at least get rid of our not-so-valid excuses and challenge ourselves to become a better version of what we are today.

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