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Where you feel unheard

Listening is not just hearing words coming out of a person's mouth, but it is paying attention to those unsaid words, unheard voices, and unseen body language. To be aware of both verbal and non-verbal messages is what listening is. But what if you feel unheard? There always be people who'll hear you, give you your time, sympathy, and a whole lot of solutions. However, as I said earlier, listening is not just to hear but to be aware of the message they are NOT saying. As a teenager, you feel stuck and unheard on several occasions, and you rebel. You make everyone hear what you want them too but as time passes, people get used to that feeling and quit trying. That's when you become aloof, and that's where we all feel most unheard in our life. People will tell you about how you should listen to other people. They'll ask you to be non-judgemental, and build trust for someone else's good. But what they'll not tell you, is to maintain healthy self-esteem, and stop dragging yourself down with all the negativity, when you feel unheard. They will tell you the importance of listening but never the importance of self-love when you feel unheard. Everyone needs and deserves those rays of sunshine in a form of a listener. But several times, you also need your little self-love when you have no one to lean on. Help yourself where you feel unheard.

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