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When we say love

Love means to totally accept the object of your love and not to resist it. When you say you ‘love’, it means you accept. When you say you love a person, it means you love all aspects of that person. What’s the feeling of being in love? That euphoric feeling, that makes you feel you are on top of the world. So, learning to love our life means to stay positive and focused on what is working i.e. alive, ‘living’ and not ‘dead’. Life is the drama of events that happens around you all day, every moment of the day. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. The true meaning of loving and living requires you to live in alignment with your purpose. You are most unhappy when things do not go the way you planned. Surely there is not some conspiracy out there somewhere inside of you, you did not have the faith that you could make it happen. So, the energy you were putting out was of fear and doubt. Someone you remembered and came to meet you. Isn’t that feels like heaven?. But be careful not to sabotage those thoughts… Let's end it by saying: “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? Forgive yourself and Stop punishing yourself”

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