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What's so special about dalgona

"Covid times, like usual schedule I was scrolling through my Instagram and came across this aesthetic trend DALGONA COFFEE. I was never a coffee person, but this made me try what's exactly so special about it. Dalgona coffee is reportedly named after a similarly sugary and foamy South Korean candy. I’ve never tasted it but it’s not hard to see the visual appeal: the ingredients are mixed together to create a whole new foamy, silky, pillowy substance, the kind of transformation that always does well on social media. It’s a way to get a coffee that looks afe-style but can be achieved with the very cheapest instant coffee and some basic household ingredients. And that carries a certain amount of social capital, especially when other kinds of foodie Instagramming (like photographing beautifully displayed cafe foods) is off the menu. To me, the Dalgona coffee trend is part of this isolation trend of “making do”. We can still have our Instagram-worthy treats while staying home. To enjoy the satisfaction of watching ingredients transform into something different and sometimes unexpected - and share the experience with friends. According to Google Trends, FUN FACT: “Dalgona coffee” has become the most searched type of coffee worldwide, overtaking previous highest peaks for all other kinds of coffee."

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