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What is Simplicity?

Simple life generally means that the arrangements that we make in our lives are simple. So that it doesn't entangle you, it only supports you. We get educated, get married, have children, and run businesses. All these things are only meant to enhance our lives for the betterment. But sometimes, we do all these arrangements in such a way that we cannot handle them. And though there is no container service available at the end of life, most humans have turned into puppets and homes into warehouses. We better keep it in such a way that wherever we want to go, we can go. Whatever we want to do we can do. Everything simple is sacred. Because the best relationships you'll have, the best of people you'll meet, or the best of consciousness you'll be the result of simplicity. Be it from a person, from society, from nature, or from philosophy. Everything and everybody in whom I've found greatness has their existence waved into simplicity. So we're not supposed to try extra smart or complex. Complexity leads to duplicity. Let us try to be as simple as we can and we'll be full of life. Simplicity helps us to see the reality of the situations more easily. Simplifying our lives can bring great joy and happiness. We can understand what matters in our life and we can refrain from running behind what is unnecessary and unwanted. Living simply allows you to slow down and focus on living with less stress and more fulfillment.

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Apr 08, 2022

Keep it up buddy


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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