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What about them?

How would you feel if some kicks you out of your house ?? Most of us would be enraged and would say how unfair of treatment it is. We would be abandoned and feel utterly hopeless. But then again we do have somewhere to go- A friend, relative or any hotels. However do animals have a place where they can go ?? Ofcourse Zoo and sanctuary are there but would they like it? Uhh, who cares as long as they are getting their food right that's what most people think. No one cares unless it's about them. We would be throwing away some bird's nest in fear of what if they breed here. We won't allow stray dogs to have shelter on our doormats during winters just because it looks bad. Wherever they go they are chased away. So where do they belong? We have such a large piece of land yet we are crying. We would be complaining about them but we will never build a home for them. Would you bother anyone if you have a place to live? Nope. We must remember the place we call home belongs to the first. We were the people who forced them out of their houses. If they have nowhere to go that's because we have a place we call home. They have equal rights as us on this land, air, and water. Nature belongs to everyone. We all are part of it. A little seed of love gives rise to a huge tree.

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