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What a waste of a perfectly good planet

Mother nature is screaming, "Why you doing this, for how long, it hurts! Please STOP" It's 2021 and still, nothing has changed, or has it for worse. We all know how supportive and noble nature is. But are we aware of its suffering? Yes, we are. But what we do about it? Absolutely nothing. Their cries for help reach us but we ignore them. So let us live a nightmare cause we are too good to have a beautiful dream. Imagine someone pulling your hair, choking you, stomping on you, breaking your bones, and making you bleed. Opening up scars that haven't even healed adorned with some freshly added scar. Using you and then throwing you away. You pray for the pain to pass but it won't subside, you beg them to spare you but no one pays to heed instead keep wielding and hitting you. You become a barrier of pain. A body without a soul - hollow, and broken. Fear you live in it utterly depressed and tired of everything. This is a crime we all have committed repeatedly without any shame. We don't feel an ounce of regret for the act. Even when nature tries to raise from fall we stomp on it shattering it again. But there is this thing - "While I am good I am too good but when I am bad you run for your life." Be aware of this issue and do not harm nature. Spread this awareness and respect and care for nature.

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