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We're both; Villains & Heroes

Think about someone you hate; just by a quick viewpoint from others. Most of us have at least one person whom we judge without knowing their side of the story. It doesn't matter if we're good or bad; We all are villains in someone's story. Have you ever imagined yourself in a place where your purpose is only to induce stress and tears? While people are already bleeding with their life wounds, you cut it deeper with your words as a knife which eventually leaves permanent scars. Perhaps we cannot control few actions that hurt people while trying to balance being a hero of our own life. Wanting to be good and being good to a person is completely different. Don't try being good; it's your inner voice that will alert you to being better than before. Never let anyone's judgments make you feel regret for your mistakes. There are many people out there who are willing to accept you with all your flaws and without any judgments. Be a hero to your own story because you're the author of the story.

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