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We put the BAD in the Badminton

Let's close our eyes and visualize two people playing badminton, not with the regular equipment but with some kinda modifications. The shuttlecock is being transformed into a sensitive bomb, the racket retains its original place and the net is exchanged with a brick wall. The rules of such a game are: 1) If the shuttlecock drops in your side of the court you have to bear the damage, 2) If the shuttle hits the wall by anyone, the player perpetrating would bear its side-effects, and 3) You have 21 chances. This is when the readers would understand the real importance of agility, concentration, calmness, and never give up nature. The real sport, which is without the modifications, should also be played keeping such attributes in mind. A player devoid of such qualities drives his way down and down and is never able to rise up. The player should know the juncture when should he transform himself into a calm or an aggressive one. If the player plays the game with a careless attitude, the bomb would explode on his part of the court resulting in the reduction of chances. So the most important learning here is studying the sport and most essentially studying yourself. Studying the sport would help you know about the way the sport should be played and studying yourself aids you in knowing about your natural game. If you play your natural game, it's gonna prove beneficial because that's the way you are, that's the natural way you play and it's gonna aid you more than being a sham. Learning yourself and the game can create havoc in the field of success.

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