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Walking - A Self-Care Ritual

We often tend to ignore the simplest things in life that lead to complex issues at a later stage. Walking regularly is one of those simple things. Due to the pandemic, our physical activities have been reduced. Mine took a standstill. Classes got online, exams online, and tournaments online along with studying at my desk all day, I basically did not have as much physical movement as required. Later, during my board exams, which is basically the main time for which you prepare for months, I had to suffer from various health issues and it made me realize how important it is to maintain general movement and walking is a very essential part of it. In fact, naturopathy says that - Walking 30 minutes every day keeps the doctor away. Right from losing weight to controlling blood pressure and sugar to de-stressing or just pepping up our mood, walking is like a remedy! A study in experimental psychology says that walking sparks creative skills as well as improves cognitive skills as you take in the fresh air. It helps digest things that give anxiety or stress and refreshes our mind to its core. While walking, we can relive all the beautiful moments of our day which increases its usual value to twice as much. There are numerous benefits of walking which I cannot stress enough but there is one thing for sure - it does no harm! Then why not take it up? I did and it did wonders.

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